Why You Need to Yoni Steam

Why You Need to Yoni Steam

The Sacred Practice 

The womb is a sacred space that creates and nurtures our aspirations, as well as births new beings and ideas. This gateway of our energetic life force can also store energies of our past, emotions and traumas (sexual, relationships, creative). Yoni (vaginal) steaming is a centuries-old, traditional, practice from regions of Ancient Africa, Asia and Central America that supports and promotes the natural cleansing, nourishment and healing of the womb. A powerful blend of herbs come together in a warm immersion to produce a gentle herbal steam that penetrates the exterior of the vagina, into the blood-vessel enriched membranes to the bloodstream, allowing for the properties of the herbs to naturally work. Experience this spiritual practice with meditation as you physically and mentally release what no longer serves you, nourish all aspects of your womb and enhance the connection to your feminine essence.

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Premenstrual Symptoms (bloating, spotting, cramping)

Menopausal Symptoms (vaginal dryness, painful intercourse)



Nourishment of womb after giving birth

Womb following loss of pregnancy


Release of negative emotions from traumas and relation breakups

Upset Stomach


Improvement of Reproductive, Perineum and Anal Conditions

Improvement of conditions of the Uterus and Ovaries

Supportive relief of hemorrhoids and anal fissures

Supportive relief of vaginal yeast and bacterial infections

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Menstrual Symptoms (cramping, heavy bleeding, clotting, dark colored blood)

Hormone Imbalances

Regulation of Periods

Increased Sex Drive

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to your Feminine Essence

to prominent Self-Love

to your Spiritual Being through meditation