About the Brand

A  Look Into Our Products

We have a number of exclusive herbal products from, Teas to Steaming items, that will benefit your wellness journey. We are happy to extend our pure and natural love of herbal products as we continue to promote gratifying self-care.

Happy Steaming!

Homemade Cosmetics


Hand-crafted herbal blends, well-formulated with uplifting, harmonious and mindfulness intentions to bring you support are a luxurious essential to any wellness journey.

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Cultivated Botanicals

All the botanicals are cultivated with the utmost respect for the earth and humankind.  Ethically-Sourced, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Sustainable. Looking for a custom blend tailored to your specific wants/needs?

Let’s discuss your request in a consultation.

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Small Batched

Each product is developed in small batches to ensure the highest quality and balance to give you the best of what nature has to offer.